Logistics operator Gamma Logistics has a wide portfolio of logistics services.

We provide international logistics services services of goods from / to Moldova.

We offer customer-oriented solutions for a wide range of industries. Our success is based on more than 20 years of experience and a professional approach.

Logistics services of the company Gamma Logistics:

Why choose Gamma Logistics as a partner?

1. Vast experience

Logistics service provider Gamma Logistics have been carried out for more than 20 years. During this time, our company has studied the specifics of various industries and fields of activity, therefore, each client receives a proven and effective solution to a specific problem.

2. Wide geography

Gamma Logistics has an extensive and reliable partners network in Europe, the CIS and Asia. Global logistics services, oblige our employees to always stay in touch with the client, regardless of his location, the language he speaks and the time zone.

3. Transportation of any type of cargo

Our experts organize logistics services for the transportation of goods of any complexity and any size. Our company offers logistics delivery service for the transportation of goods around the world, even of such complexity as: radioactive materials and oversized cargo.

4. Reliability

Logistics services to / from Moldova with Gamma Logistics is carried out exclusively with the assistance of attorney suppliers. Our partners cooperate with us on the basis of long-term contracts, which guarantees stability and quality of cooperation regardless of the market situation. Our transport partners have all the necessary licenses and permits, carrier liability insurance contracts.

The cost of the logistics services Gamma Logistics


Prices for cargo transportation services directly depend on the complexity of delivery, cargo characteristics and delivery distance. This can be oversized, heavy or standard cargo, dangerous, fragile or valuable cargo. In each case, special conditions of transportation, proper loading and unloading, and safety measures are observed. The final shipping cost will depend on this.

Logistics services are provided by Gamma Logistics in all directions from / to the CIS countries and Europe. With our company, logistics transportation services for the carriage of goods - it is delivery on time, efficiently and at an adequate cost.

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