The logistics company Gamma Logistics provides international airfreight servicies of goods. The accumulated experience allows our team to organize cargo logistics services of any complexity over the longest distances in compliance with international rules and guaranteed cargo safety during transportation.

Based on our strong, reliable network and vast experience in air freight shipping logistics we can meet even highest customers expectation.

We provide comprehensive airfreight services

Service portfolio includes:

  • Air freight imports and exports
  • Air transport of goods by full and part charter
  • Door-to-door transport
  • Express shipments
  • Airfreight of hazardous goods
  • Packing
  • Customs clearance services
  • Transport insurance

International air freight and logistics is a process in which it includes: preparing cargo for dispatch, weighing, packaging, labeling, completing groupage cargoes, preparing accompanying documents for customs clearance of cargo, loading and unloading, and directly, cargo logistics - airfreight

Note that airfreight services are suitable for the delivery of goods of any category, including hazardous, bulky, perishable goods, as well as standard, incidental and groupage cargoes.

The cost of air transport of goods depends on the complexity of delivery, characteristics of the cargo and range of air delivery. The price of air delivery depends on: the type of cargo that you need to deliver. It can be oversized, heavy or standard cargo, dangerous, perishable or small valuable cargo. In each case, special conditions of delivery logistics, proper loading and unloading, and safety measures in flight are observed. The final cost will depend on this.

International logistics required to take place according to some rules.

· The air shipping company accepts cargo for carriage by air in a passenger or cargo plane only if there is a properly executed cargo bill of lading and attached shipping documents.

· The dimensions of the cargo should allow loading and unloading, placement and fastening in the baggage-cargo compartments of the aircraft.

· The weight, volume, and dimensions of the cargo must not exceed the established limits.

· In addition, the air logistics operator obliges to comply with the maximum permissible dimensions and weight of the cargo, depending on the model of the aircraft.

Gamma Logistics offers airfreight services in all directions from / to the CIS countries and Europe. With our company your cargo will be delivered on time and efficiently, at an adequate cost.

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