Customs Clearance

The accumulated experience allows us to organize customs clearance in compliance with international rules and guaranteed cargo safety during transportation.

The customs clearance services provided by Gamma Logistics are the coordinated teamwork of licensed customs brokers who will be happy to help you with the process of processing all the necessary documents. Vast experience and friendly specialists are always at your disposal.

We provide customs clearance services for the import and export of goods in all directions and by all means of transport.

Service portfolio include:

  • Import / export cargo clearance
  • Temporary import / export clearance
  • Obtaining of ATA Carnets
  • Preferential / duty exempted imports
  • Bonded warehousing
  • Transit formalities / customs clearance costs
  • DDP service

Clearance brokers (declarants) - this is Gamma Logistics, which helps you go through the mandatory customs procedures in Moldova, place any goods under the regimes.

The procedure of customs clearance is subject to all goods transported across the customs border, regardless of the type of international transportation of goods (road, air, sea, rail fright mode of transportation or multimodal transportatin).

Customs clearance is associated with such concepts as: "customs clearance", "customs clearance", "declaration", "customs clearance costs", as well as "transport logistics" and "logistics service provider”.

Everyone who is engaged in cargo transportation in any form and volume across the border should draw up customs documents, go through the customs inspection procedure and the procedure - customs clearance - this is a set of measures that are required when moving goods across the border, this. Often, customs clearance of goods, which inherently represents a number of formalities, is associated with paperwork.

The purpose of customs clearance is the release of goods by customs at the border crossing, in compliance with all requirements of the customs legislation of the Republic of Moldova and the payment of necessary customs payments when importing or exporting goods from the customs territory, with the provision of all necessary permits. These requirements depend on the type of participant of foreign trade activities and goods crossing the border.

This is the most important stage in the international delivery (transportation) of goods and an important value is also which product group the transferred goods belong to. For our company’s specialists, the goal of customs clearance is to facilitate the movement of goods across the customs border and its clearance at customs for further targeted use by a participant in foreign economic activity. We help to correctly determine the group of goods, calculate customs costs, submit and release the goods at customs. The classification of goods for customs clearance is carried out in accordance with the Nomenclature goods.

Forwarding company Gamma Logistics provides clearance broker services in all directions from / to the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

A competent employee will promptly answer your request by tel : +373 22 803 006


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