Ocean freight

Logistics company Gamma Logistics provides international ocean freight. The huge accumulated experience allows us to carry out ocean shipping of any complexity to the longest distances in compliance with international logistics rules and guaranteed cargo safety during transportation.

We offer a complete range of ocean freight services for general cargo, specialized items, oversized cargo, heavy equipment, and high-value commodities.

Based on our strong, reliable partner network and experience in the field of ocean freight, we can satisfy even the highest requirements of customers. Our years of experience and global partnerships network allow us to offer reliable and timely transport solutions worldwide.

Service portfolio includes:

  • Ocean freight cargo logistics by Full-container loads (FCL), less-container loads (LCL) 
  • Transport of bulk goods
  • Project consignments delivered port-to-port or to their final destination
  • Customs broker services
  • Support with shipping documentation 
  • Optimizing your supply chain
  • Cargo insurance

Why ocean freight?

Among the most effective modern ways of moving goods over long distances, experts unconditionally include ocean shipping. Compared with their competitors – rail freight transportation, airfreight services transportation or road freight – cargo logistics by sea requires, as a rule, much less costs.

The main advantage of this method of cargo transportation is that ocean transport by containers does not require special infrastructure, which is especially beneficial when transporting goods with large dimensions.

Rules for the ocean transport of goods:

The ocean logistics company, carrying out international ocean freight of goods, must take into account their specificity. For this, the industry produces various types of containers that vary in size and type. The most common are standard containers. For work with heavy loads of small sizes, complexes of 20-feet containers are most often used, and 40-feet containers are designed for volumetric, but light loads.

In addition, other types of special cargo containers are distinguished:

· Having an open roof, which are loaded from above;

· Refrigerated, the purpose of which is the delivery of food products, other goods, which require a special temperature regime;

· Tank containers designed to transport gaseous or liquid substances;

· Open areas with which oversized cargo is transported.

However, regardless of type, all ocean freight cargo logistics is carried out using various equipment and a wide range of services. Ocean freight of goods can be used for all categories of goods - liquid, bulk, fragile, solid and goods requiring special treatment when moving. For these purposes, there are specialized ocean shipping - lighter, tankers, barges, refrigerated vessels LO-RO, RO-RO;

Gamma Logistics delivers goods in all directions from / to the CIS countries and Europe. With our company your cargo will be delivered on time and efficiently, at an adequate cost.

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