Rail freight

Organizing rail freight to / from Moldova is one of the main activities of our company. Gamma Logistics also carries out rail transportation to the CIS countries, the EU and other countries of the world.

The accumulated experience allows our team to organize rail freight transportation of any complexity to the longest distances in compliance with international rules and guaranteed cargo safety during transportation (cargo escort).

We offer a reliable solution for rail freight of goods.

The Gamma Logistics service portfolio includes:

International freight trains in the CIS and Europe

  • International transport forwarding services through Europe and CSI
  • Coordination of the rail freight plan
  • Handing over of empty wagons for loading
  • Elaboration and coordination of loading schemes
  • Loading / unloading services of any complexity
  • Cargo security and escort services
  • Measuring services for oil and fuel products
  • Daily track and report of shipment status
  • Cargo insurance

Rail freight advantages:

  • Cost efficient, in comparison with road freight
  • Freight trains can carry goods regardless of size and weight
  • Short lead time, in comparison with sea freight
  • Safe transport solution

Rail freight transportation is a classic version of the transportation of goods and goods that has developed historically since the time of the industrial revolution. Due to the large number of advantages of rail freight transportation of goods is still relevant. Usually, it is used in the absence of the ability to carry out road freight, ocean freight or their lack of logic, large dimensions and mass of cargo, and the need to overcome very large distances (more than 2000 km). Transportation of goods by rail is one of the safest and most reliable ways of delivering goods.

Rail freight must pass according to some rules.

The freight train company takes the goods for transportation only if there is a properly executed railway bill of lading and the attached shipping documents.

And the weight, volume, and dimensions of the cargo should not exceed the established limits in order for the rail freight company to ensure the safe movement of goods.

In addition, often enough for various enterprises, industrial facilities and the organization requires the use of specialized rolling stock. When transporting goods that are classified as dangerous, you must adhere to special rules. Dangerous goods are those that have increased requirements for their transportation.

The cargo logistics company Gamma Logistics provides rail freight transport in all directions from / to the CIS countries and Europe. With our company your cargo will be delivered on time and efficiently, at an adequate cost.

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